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Hey, I'm Remy

I run the shop here at C'Mere and also make the tiny foods

I started my art journey in New Orleans, making tiny food jewelry at the Frenchmen Art Market. Inspired by my creative community, I opened up this cute lil’ shop in December 2019, so people could C’mere (come here!) to browse the wares of our incredibly talented artists. We’re stocked with v fun things from local artists, designers, and makers.


When my tiny fingers aren’t busy making tiny food, I like to rally for mutual aid causes for things that are important to me, like trans rights and abortion access. WE HAVE FREE PLAN B at the shop. No questions asked; just pop in when we’re open. 


We’re always looking for new artists and makers! Don’t be shy; slide into our DM’s, send us an email, or C’mere and say hi :-) 

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